Practical First Steps

for Real-World Coding

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Learn to code. Solve real-world problems. Create your own code creations.


Why should I learn coding?

Coding enhances critical problem-solving skills while providing numerous career opportunities.

Training logical & creative thinking

Unlock numerous job opportunities

Automating repetitive tasks

Well begun is half done.

Coding is not a hard, special skill. Anyone with a computer and a willingness to learn can get started.

const message = "You Can Do It!";
Don't wait.

Don't wait.

Struggling to find the right moment to ask your teacher about coding? Our AI tutors are here for you 24/7, specializing in teaching coding with personalized, live coaching.

Why CodeFriends?

Jump into the practical coding education that applies what you've learned to real-life situations.

Coding for Real Life

Create practical educational outputs that can be applied to real-life such as websites, blogs, portfolios, and more.

Build your own IT projects

With just one click, upload the programs you create to the internet and share the URL with your friends.

Real-time AI Feedback

No need to wait for the instructor. Ask the AI tutor anytime, anywhere, and receive instant responses.

Better to Jump In.

Demo is available on laptop or desktop πŸ’»

AI Code Generation

Step-by-step Guidelines

One-click Hosting

Download Your Code

Project Versioning

Digital Textbooks

No Install needed.

Code with just a web browser without any installations.

Start Light.

Learn the fundamentals of coding with <CodeFriends/> and leave your own mark on the Internet.

  • Learn HTML / CSS / JavaScript basics
  • Python, AI (Coming Soon)
  • Build your own website that can be edited anytime
Use it in Real Life.

Use it in Real Life.

Deploy your hand-coded website with a single click, and share the link with your friends.

  • Automated deployment + Versioning
  • One-click URL generation
  • Various templates (Portfolio, Business landing page, etc.)

Try the Code Editor

Change {Name}, and watch the code run in real time!

Our Mission

We will create a world where coding is useful in more people's daily lives.

Are you ready?
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