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Popular Courses


Python Programming 101

217 Lessons
20 H
20 hours is enough. An introductory course for Python beginners.
217 Lessons
20 H



Python Jump-Up

145 Lessons
15 H
Learn data structures and algorithms with Python, and create your own data collection programs!
145 Lessons
15 H



Web Intro + Creating Your Own Website

214 Lessons
25 H
From the basics of HTML/CSS/JavaScript to SEO. Create your own online space.
214 Lessons
25 H



No Install needed.

You can start anytime, anywhere as long as you have a web browser and internet.

const message = "You Can Do It!";

Why should I learn coding?

Coding enhances critical problem-solving skills while providing numerous career opportunities.

Training logical & creative thinking

Unlock numerous job opportunities

Automating repetitive tasks

Get Started on Real-world Projects.

1. Start Your Project

Develop your own software projects such as websites or Python programs.

2. Deploy with One Click
3. Version Control & Download

Why CodeFriends?

Learning software should be simple and practical.

No Install Needed

There is no need to set up any programs or development environments. All you need is a web browser.

Build Your Own Projects

Deploy your own websites and programs with 1 click, and share the project URL with your friends.

Real-time AI Feedback

No need to wait for the instructor. Ask the AI tutor anytime, anywhere, and receive instant responses.

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We are creating a world where coding is useful in more people's daily lives.

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