Practical Coding School

for Real-Life Application

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Learn simple and practical coding anyone can start with!


Why should we learn coding?

Coding enhances critical problem-solving skills while providing numerous career opportunities.

Training logical & creative thinking

Unlock numerous job opportunities

Automating repetitive tasks

You can do it too!

You can do it too!

Coding isn't difficult or a specialized skill. Anyone can start with just a computer and a smartphone.
const message = "You Can Do It!";
Don't wait.

Don't wait.

Are you tired of waiting for feedback from your instructor after each lesson? With <CodeFriends/>'s AI coding tutor, you can receive the most optimized coaching anytime, anywhere.

Why CodeFriends?

Jump into the most practical coding education that applies what you've learned to real-life situations.

Coding for Utilities

Create practical educational outputs that can be applied to real-life such as websites, blogs, portfolios, and more.

Real-time Feedback with AI

No need to wait for the instructor. Ask the AI tutor anytime, anywhere, and receive instant responses.

Interactive curriculum

Engage in various missions and hidden quizzes during the education, and earn points for rewards and discount coupons.

Try it out for yourself!

AI Code Generation

Step-by-step Guidelines

One-click Hosting

Download Your Code

Code Marketplace

Digital Textbooks

Start with Ease.

Begin your coding journey with the simplest and most practical coding for beginners!

Create Your Bio Website

Create your own online space.

Only 10 hours is enough!

Only 10 hours is enough!

Learn the fundamentals of coding with <CodeFriends/> and leave your own mark on the Internet.
  • Build your own website that can be edited anytime
  • Learn HTML / CSS / JavaScript basics
  • Real-time sync of coding outputs
Go ahead and use it.

Go ahead and use it.

Deploy your hand-coded website with a single click, and share the link with your friends.
  • Host your website anytime
  • One-click URL generation

Try the Code Editor

Change {Name}, and watch the code run in real time!

Are you ready? Start the most practical coding with <CodeFriends/>!

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